HEY hey HEY hey HEEEEY ~ first of all I wanna apologize for my English   , seriously i’m sorry , so this follow forever was to be posted at Christmas but i got lazy so NEW YEAR

Yes the world didn’t ended people and it also reminds me that my love life and my career is going nowhere , life is joking with ma face

oh yeah I still  ugly and without money

i need money jesus !!

and a boyfriend 

bla bla bla

I wanna thank all the blogs i follow/my followers for making my year not so sad and you guys for having such flawless blogs and for being so talented , i don’t talk to most of you ( because i’m shy as fuck ) but even then i consider you guys my friends  (my imaginary friends sigh)

Each of your blogs make my dash  more sexier every day so Happy New Year and I hope that 2013 be better then 2012 but i know it won’t be , sad life .

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this nice graphic i found on google , without credit .
 if u not here doesn’t mather , u know why ? because maybe you can be in the next and i love u anyway ;D